Zen Luxury. Creating a Garden that is Lush. Easy. Peaceful.

Zen Luxury.  Creating a Garden that is Lush.  Easy.  Peaceful.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Close Up Flower Shots June 4


  1. Joan, what a great blog, filled with really interesting ideas. You know that it will only be a short while before everyone catches on to how interesting this is.

    I love the idea of the lights nestled in the planter. We live on a 1st floor balcony, and although it is much more private, there are many challenges also.

    Have you gone over to see Fern, at Life on a Balcony? She has a very interesting blog, and has been blogging for some time now.

    Good luck, and I will be back to visit again.

    Jen ~ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Thank you, Jen, for your kind words. I just wanted to create a site for those people who have limited time available to create and maintain a garden.

    And yes, Life on the Balcony was one of my first stops! Do you think her real name is "Fern"? It's just too cute a name for a garden-lover, isn't it?

  3. Joan:
    It is a beautiful garden and I love the lights and the close up pics!! What joy! I can imagine how beautiful it is to enjoy a cup of coffee (or perhaps wine or even vodka??) while overlooking such beauty!!
    Doing the "happy beautiful flower dance" with you. Thanks for sharing!! I am no where near as creative, but I love to live creatively vicariously through you!!

  4. You probabely forgot to send photos :( or are you busy?

  5. Thank you, Marianne, I love your comments! You remind me that I will be doing a post on the Martini Garden soon. Ha!

    Danielita, I sent an email to you about those photos, did you receive? Please email me directly. I can share photos with you but I have no idea how to email photos that are approx 4mb each. Too large for standard emails and I have no experience with zipping photos. I am considering adding a Slide Show to this blog. You can link to my site. I may even create a window-saver slide show. Either sound appealing? Please -- see my email address on the side of this blog.

    Thank you for your interest!


  6. Gorgeous Flowers...

    Thanks for Sharing!!