Zen Luxury. Creating a Garden that is Lush. Easy. Peaceful.

Zen Luxury.  Creating a Garden that is Lush.  Easy.  Peaceful.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Inspiration and the Hunt

Decision: I have not planted my balcony in 11 years and I feel it is time to renew my relationship with my petite garden space. Let’s get away from the geraniums and petunias with which I had success in prior years. No red, no pink!

The Hunt: As I drive around Long Island to find my favorite old nursery stores, I realize the depth of our recent recession. My old haunts are Gone (sigh). This is a substantial loss. We have warm, even hot, weather in late April and it is very tempting to begin planting. I do my first “rounds” by looking at the standards at Home Depot and Lowes which would be available nationwide. What do they offer to enhance my balcony gardening experience? I also check out my local Fabulous Nursery (I’m sure you all have one in your neighborhood). My short list of desires begins to take shape as I consider building the Balcony Oasis of my Dreams:

1. replace my old, damaged patio set table and eliminate one or two chairs
2. look for a trellis to allow growing vines; could these also be used to
assist in filtering the bright night lights installed in my co-op grounds?
3. Consider a water feature in the form of a small pond or a fountain

Inspiration: I pull out three of my old books on container and window box plantings. The photos are enticing. Sometimes I wonder if the joy is in the photos of the flowers, or is it in the wonder of looking at those plantings in exotic settings? I write down no notes and make no plans. There is no list of what plants to purchase. No guidelines as to how MANY plants I should purchase.

Planning is for left-brained people! I am a retired CPA, so planning is not in my current plan. Nuff said. Let the Creativity Reign.

I find a wonderful blog, “Life on the Balcony” , and get my inspiration from the author’s note on the color combination of blue and yellow/orange. In the last few days of April, I find my Inspiration pieces in the form of larger resin planters, a grape trellis, and a few flowering plants in the colors of yellow/orange and blue/purple. I am excited to get started! There is still no plan and no budget. Local garden lore decrees that it is still too early for outdoor planting.

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