Zen Luxury. Creating a Garden that is Lush. Easy. Peaceful.

Zen Luxury.  Creating a Garden that is Lush.  Easy.  Peaceful.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Water Feature?

I am still considering adding a feature with running water. I know. Where could this possibly fit in my limited balcony space?

Most garden fountains are powered either by electricity or by solar panel. I will select an electric pump of some type since my balcony has two outlets available. Both outlets are non-GFI. Sure, safety is for sissies.

The option of a solar fountain will not be suitable for me as the sun is insufficient and frankly, I could not put a solar panel in any place that would be visible by the public.


After hours spent reviewing water features available online, I find tabletop fountains, birdbaths with sprays, and fountains. Yeah, big fountains that may, or may not, bring in an Old World motif. While I find that many of these internet sales sites have great sales information, many of them do not include the sound of the fountains. Really? The SOUND is what we seek. That refreshing gurgle, that sound that masks our neighbors, airport noise, those delivery trucks.

1. Tabletop fountains: A key advantage for these little guys is that they do not take up much space and that is a positive checkmark for these diminutive items. On the other hand, most of them are rated for "indoor" use. Additionally, they are so small, will they be able to last 24-48 hours without a water refill? I notice that the majority of tabletop fountains are quite busy with designs, add-ons, rocks, etc. I would prefer something simple in design. A simple design indicates simple maintenance.

2. Garden fountains & birdbaths: Some of these are quite small in stature or weight. Many are made out of resin or other lightweight and cheap products. Customer reviews on those resin products under the amount of $300 indicate the fountains chip and crack after less than one year. I find this to be a pricey investment for a single-year enjoyment. I became enamored with several small birdbaths with fountain sprays. They are adorable. Unfortunately, they also appear to lack a strong enough base to stand up to a stiff breeze. Plus a bit too tall for my taste. If I lived in a house where I could look down at a bird bath, it would be a fun view.

Besides, I really was not planning on attracting birds to my balcony. Bird poo does not sound at all enticing for my lush little landscape. What I want is sound, but no birds.

3. Use What I Already Have: Oh this is the voice of Reason. How did this get in here? I own a small "fish pot" with heavy Asian painted details. How would this look outside? Judging from the videos I've watched on how to "build" or simply set up a small fountain, this is really a simple process to add a pump, a fountain head and some type of support or rocks to set up the fountain.

So, in conclusion, I think something smaller in a ceramic style would work. I found also that feng shui indicates the running water by the front door is a symbol of abundance, oh sorry, good fortune.

I need to find more room on that balcony.


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