Zen Luxury. Creating a Garden that is Lush. Easy. Peaceful.

Zen Luxury.  Creating a Garden that is Lush.  Easy.  Peaceful.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 7 Begin Two-Tier Planter System

Shopping for More Planters: I plan to do some more planting this afternoon. As you can see in the photo to the right, my Phase One is a bit boring and requires some Enhancement in order to reach that stage of Abundance I seek. In preparation for this, I stop by Home Goods. As if I could look around this store without buying anything. Is that possible? (yes, I’ve done it once or twice). I find an amazing bargain of a wrought iron hanging basket. This planter is 48” long on its back side with a drop of about 9”. It is fully lined with coco-fiber and is priced at $29.99. Frankly, this motif does not really blend with my vision of white window boxes and faux-stone planters… yet, that price is really good. I buy one to bring home and see this up close and personal. Does it make sense? What will it look like? Would the black metal be too much of a contrast? Once I take the single coco-fiber-lined planter home and set it up against the balcony railing I “see” the possibility. I quickly drive back to Home Goods to purchase the only remaining planter and stow that in the back of my car. Time now to head back to my two favorite nurseries for more plants along with several “S” hooks to hold these two planters against the railing.

Shopping for More Plants: Yes, it is true that I am now spending another $200 or so for more plantings (see video below). I am obsessed. Gee, if I amortize this over the past 11 years in which I did not plant on my balcony…. No no no. I will not succumb to justification! Pretty. I’m just looking for pretty. Yes, the woman at nursery # 2 asked if I was planting the entire grounds of the complex where I live (no!). Then, when I arrived at home and begin to unpack my three, oops, four flats of plants, one of my neighbors inquired, “where on earth are you going to be planting all of those?” For just a moment I wonder, “Have I overdone it?”

Planting Phase 2: I let the moment go and head out on the balcony to begin the Phase 2 planting of my Balcony Oasis. What I have determined is that my lush balcony will be enhanced by having a two-tier planting system. I’m quite excited by the concept. The first (top) tier is hung outside my balcony railing and tips slightly down towards the courtyard. I enjoy the plantings, yet frankly, my view is one long line of color. Just refer to my photo on the top right for an example of this -- pretty, but not yet enough. Fuller enjoyment can be found by doting upon the window boxes when I stand over them and water or trim the plants.

After I hang the coco-fiber-lined planters and prep them for planting, I am quickly horrified to find out that six (6) of my plants fill these two larger planters rather quickly. Oh boy. I have overdone the plant purchasing. I continue to plant until the sun sets and the two new planters are fairly full. I take my “leftover plants” and stow them on top of my patio table. This is my favorite video as I complete this second phase: Here you can see some of those extra plants:

With the addition of the second tier, I notice a wonderful change. These two new planters are placed on the inside of the railing, so they are visually on "my side". Yes, they cut down on my usable space in the balcony deck area. Additionally, these planters dip slightly down to my favor. In other words, my view now is of the entire depth of the plantings. Wow.

The temperature is dropping quickly. The weather predictions are for a thunderstorm on Saturday followed by a cold and windy Mother’s Day on Sunday. I believe they underestimated those condtions. Please see the next blog for some videos of those conditions.

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